Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Year 2

Please find below work for today for the children in Year 2.


Phonics: Can the children practise reading and spelling the tricky words 'and' 'when' 'what' 'put' 'the' 'sure' 'pure' 'said' 'eye'


Children to write sentences using the following review words from their phonics session last week. They must ensure that they use their phonics to spell words correctly and use capital letters and full stops in their sentences. 


Review words: Chain, waiter, tight, shrink, comic, sail, waiting, tantrum


They should also read their celebration book to an adult and have a go at practising some of the spellings.


Please see below worksheets for the children to practise their letter formation.


English: This week the children will be working on writing instructions for a recipe.


Can the children write a set of instructions using the following sentence starters....


1. First...

2. Next...

3. Then...



They should also try to include the following verbs...


Add, scoop, pour, cut, chop, crush, slice, sprinkle, pinch. How many verbs can they add to their instructions?


They can write their instructions on a topic of their choice or use the title...'A recipe for a good friend'



The children should practise writing their numbers bonds up to 100. Can they learn this too?


Children to complete the maths sheets on counting in 2's, 5s and 10's. They must become fluent at this too!




The children would do PE this afternoon. See activity cards attached.