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Our Intent for English


At Far Forest Primary School, we aim to deliver an English curriculum that will be inclusive, meaningful, flexible, effective and responsive to the needs of our pupils. We want our pupils to leave Year 6 with a secure knowledge of literary skills and the tools to thrive. Our aim is for them to be confident readers and writers, who communicate clearly for a range of purposes and for different audiences


Our curriculum statement outlines our intent for the subject, our implementation of the subject and the desired impact our curriculum will have on our pupils and their learning.

Progression of English at Far Forest Primary

How is Reading and Writing taught across the school?


In EYFS, phonics is key to early reading and writing for our youngest pupils. Daily phonics lessons and continuous provision is paramount to support our intent. The Early Years Foundation Stage plays an integral role in preparing our pupils to thrive as they move through the school, carefully planned activities and close observations support the development of each individual.  


In Key Stage 1, there is a continuation of phonics, 1:1 reading and whole class reading sessions. Writing skills are developed through a dual coding approach using Talk for Writing. Shared writing and teacher modelling support and engage pupils with the writing process. A quality text drives the learning and exposes the children to the skills that they need to write effectively. Pupils talk and rehearse sentences before writing, encouraging good punctuation and language choices. Pupils also apply their phonics knowledge to support spellings and decode unfamiliar words when reading.


Children in both Key Stage 1 & 2  are exposed to rich vocabulary through sharing quality texts and a learning environment that supports pupils to reinforce, refresh and retain words. Opportunities are also provided for the children to explore and apply what they learn across the curriculum through careful planning and sequencing of lessons. Shared writing and modelling of writing enables our pupils to have the confidence to be creative writers. Gathering vocabulary and having discussions whilst creating sentences together builds confidence. Teachers plan to ensure that there is a purpose for writing and that there is clear progression of skills that builds on prior knowledge. Revisiting, refreshing and retaining skills enables our pupils to transfer this to their long term memory.


In Key Stage 1 & 2, whole class reading addresses the domains and skills outlined in the National Curriculum. Reading is valued at Far Forest Primary, we have a dedicated slot on the timetable to allow pupils to really immerse themselves with reading and to support their comprehension skills. The children also read for pleasure everyday and have the opportunity to choose books from the school library. Teachers monitor home reading books carefully and check that they are matched to reading ability. 

Characteristics of a Reader and Writer

Our intent is strongly underpinned by the characteristics that we want our children to display as readers and writers- see below.

Writing at Far Forest