Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Phonics Terminology

  • phonics (also known as ‘synthetic phonics’) –The teaching of reading by developing awareness of the sounds in words and the corresponding letters used to represent those sounds
  • phoneme-Any one of the 44 sounds which make up words in the English language.
  • grapheme–How a phoneme is written down.
  • blending–Putting together the sounds in a word in order to read it, e.g. ‘f –r –o –g, frog’
  • segmenting–Breaking a word into its constituent sounds in order to spell them, e.g. ‘frog, f –r –o –g’’
  • Digrapha grapheme containing 2 letters that makes just one sound.
  • Trigraph - a grapheme containing 3 letters that makes just one sound.