Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



Autumn Term 1

For the first half term the most important homework for all children in Maple Class is to be reading daily. 


On a Monday children receive two phonic reading books . One to support our current learning in phonics and one to consolidate previous sounds learnt. Over the course of the week children should aim to read 10 miuntes at home each day. Rereading the books over again helps to develop fluency and recognition of the common exception words that might be included in the book such as my, he, she, the, they. 


Your child's choice of Library book will be brought home each Tuesday, ready to be returned the following Monday.  Please enjoy reading these together. Should their choice prove to be tricky for them to decode why not echo read the story with them by reading it first and asking them to repeat ?  


laugh Some children who have chosen longer  Library books to read at home have them asked to keep their books for a second week as they are part way reading it with their adults, this is great ; I am glad to hear you are enjoying the books together. 



Should your child be finding some phonic sounds tricky you can support them by using the Letters and Sounds You tube Channel that was produced by the government during the first lockdown is an easy way to practice those missing sounds. Links and further details can be found on Maple's Phonics page which you can find by following the link below.