Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Developing Listening Skills

The following activities can be used to help develop your child’s listening skills.


  • Sound WalksTalk about the sounds you can hear on your walks. Was it a loud/ quiet sound? Can you hear a sound that is the same/ different?
  • Reading familiar stories Can they join in with any repeating phrases? Can they talk about what has happened in the story?
  • I Hear with My Little Ear Take it in turns to imitate a sound of something. Can they guess the sound?
  • Noisemakers Make a collection of noisemakers. Hide the objects in a box and select one. Can they guess the sound?
  • Musical Instruments Create a musical show to perform.
  • Copying Me Make a rhythm using noisemakers. Can they copy the pattern?
  • Music Listen to a song. Can they clap along to the beat?
  • Animal Guess Make different animal noises. Can they guess the animal?
  • I Spy Can they identify something beginning with each initial sound?
  • Listening Videos Listen to each sound. Can they identify what is making that sound?

  • Welcome to the ZooCan they identify which animal is making each sound?
  • Sound StartersExplore the different sounds each bubble can make.