Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



Learning Logs


Learning Logs are Little Acorns way of completing homework.  


Learning logs enable the children to be more creative in their homework, showing what they know and understand in a variety of ways. We encourage our children to be as creative as possible using materials such as gel/glitter pens, crayons, glitter, glue; and creating interest by adding flaps and photographs to their work.  Children have a whole half term to complete each learning log, so children can take their time and enjoy the tasks sets.


The task sheet will indicate what your child has/will be learning about over the half term.  There might be a statement, a question, a list of words or even a picture. It is then up to them what they do.  There are only a few rules…


  • It should be the child’s own work.
  • It should be their best work – This is a book to show off and display!

Reading at Home - Autumn 1



The children will choose 1 Library book to take home every Monday. To begin with they will be choosing a library book to share at home and talk about what has happened in the story.

When we start our Phase 2 Phonics, the children will also bring home 1 Phonics book linked to the sounds we have learnt that week. They will also bring home a pencil case containing Flash Cards for the sounds they have learnt during the week to practice at home.

The children will also receive their very own reading record. Please use this to record any time your child reads at home.

Please can all books be returned to school on Friday to give us time to  clean and sanitise books before they get sent out again the following  Monday.

Thank you.