Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Key Stage 2

Read the links below on Climate Change by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and watch the video clips to support you with understanding climate change and the impact it is having on our planet. Think about what you can do to help to protect the planet for future generations. Read about Greta Thunberg and her passion for saving the planet from climate change, what can you do to make a difference? Every little helps...could you recycle more? Use less plastic? Reduce the number of journeys you make in a car? Turn lights off in the home if they don't need to be on?


There is so much we can do to help our planet and you could start by looking at your home environment and the changes that you can make as a family. You can share your ideas by writing to WWF or send a letter to your local MP to tell them about some of the changes that could be made in your area e.g. more signs asking people to keep Britain tidy... could you design the poster?


Lots for you to think about...remember this is such an important topic that will have a significant impact on you and future generations, you can make a difference, however small that may be. We look forward to hearing about your ideas.