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Namaste           Kon'nichiwa       Salam – Marhaba

Nín hǎo             Sat Sri Akaal

Hello and welcome to Asia, the world’s largest and most populous continent.


Asia is separated from the continent of Europe by a land border and edged by three oceans: the Indian Ocean to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Arctic Ocean to the north.


From the Great Wall of China in the east, to the ancient, carved stone city of Petra, Jordan in the west what will you explore as you travel around the continent of Asia ?

Asia | Destination World

Watch this short video to find out more about the continent of Asia

 A summary of all of the activities to for you to choose from can be found in our grid below.


All red links in the grid will take you to further resources to support your adventure in that part of Asia.


Choose whether you want to try a 1 star, 2 star of 3 star challenge, making sure you record the the countries you visit and that you colour a star for each activity you try for Asia in your passport. 

Clicking on the icons below will take you to further resources for the activities found in the grid.

All About Asia! 🌏 | Continent Series | Go Jetters

Watch the video to discover more about some of places found in the continent of Asia