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The wonders of..

 Wonders of ..



Watch the video to find out more about the great wall of China. Once you've watched it, use blocks to create your own great wall of China. Find out how long the wall is and when it was built. 


The Great Wall of China, China - Go Jetters Series 1 - Go Jetters

Glitch's need for speed on a Monster Kart is causing havoc at the Great Wall of China! Can the Vroomster's turbo-zoom catch up with him?



The Taj-Mahal  is a palace located in India. It is a perfectly symmetrical building.

Use the images provided in the links to look closely at the building  then try to complete the picture by drawing the other half of the Taj Mahal making it as symmetrical as you can. 

Challenge : Picture of the Taj Mahal to complete making it as symmetrical as you can

The Taj Mahal, India - Go Jetters Series 1 - Go Jetters

Those cheeky Grimbots have glitched the Taj Mahal! Can the Go Jetters save the day?


Welcome to 'Petra' also known as the 'Rose Garden'

Be a fact finder as you watch the videos and read through the information. Once you have collected all of your facts about Petra, present your findings in an information page.  Remember to include features of an information text.

Your page should include;  A title

                                         Introduction paragraph

                                         Subheadings to organise your information

                                         Picture and Caption

                                         Interesting / Did you know ? facts

                                         Glossary to explain the meaning of technical vocabulary used

Petra, Jordan - Go Jetters Series 2 - Go Jetters

Grandmaster Glitch is causing mischeif again when he crashes his Grimbler in the Siq gorge. Go Jetters to the rescue!

This is just a few of the wonders that Asia has to offer, there are plenty more to explore. Don't forget to send photos/videos of any of your learning to us and to complete your passport.