Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School




In years 1 and 2 Children have daily Phonics sessions. 


This Autumn Term Year 1 will be revisiting Phase 3 sounds previously learnt in Year R and Year 2 will be revisiting Phase 5 sounds previously learnt in Year 1. 


Children will have a reading book to match the current weeks phonics learning and a reading book to consolidate previous sounds learnt. 


All phases sounds and rhymes to help remember them can be found on the sound mats below.

Phonics Screening


Phonics Screening usually takes place for Year 1 children in June, however this year as Phoincs Screening could not take place in June, the Government has instructed schools to carry out Phonics Screening for the current year 2 pupils in the second half of the Autumn Term.  We plan to do this at the start of December. 


For more information about Phonics Screening please read the document below.