Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Collective Worship

w/c 1st March

What is in the news this week?

The Coca-Cola company is testing a new paper bottle as part of a long-term strategy to remove
plastic from its packaging. The sample bottle is made by a Danish company from an extra-strong
paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner. The overall ambition is to create a 100% recyclable,
plastic-free bottle capable of preventing gas escaping from carbonated drinks.


Things to think about at home:

  • Can you think of some different objects/ food that have packaging? What is the packaging made of? What did you do with the packaging?
  • Why do we have packaging? How many reasons can you think of?
  • Would the packaging impact your decision on whether to buy the product? Why?

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 1st March

w/c 22nd February

Things to discuss at home:

  • Can you make a list of as many different types of walls as you can?
  • Where can you find them and what are they used for?
  • What do you think might happen if there wasn’t a wall in place?
  • Can you think of any famous walls throughout history? What were their purposes?


Virtual Assembly

Watch this weeks virtual assembly, thinking carefully about the different questions.

w/c 8th February

Things to think about at home:

  • What do you know about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his achievements?
  • What is his greatest achievement?
  • What will he be remembered for?
  • Why do you think he inspired so many people?


A Special Challenge

In April 2020 during the first national coronavirus lockdown, Captain Sir Tom set himself a small challenge to raise £1,000 for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He raised £33 million and became famous all around the world! Can you set yourself a challenge of doing something 100 times to raise awareness of something you care about? This could be through an exercise like Captain Sir Tom, drawing, completing an activity for 100 minutes. 

Please email any photos of you completing your challenge to your class teacher.

w/c 1st February

Things to think about at home:

  • Think about a time that you have completed a challenge or finished something you found difficult. Which of our school values did you show? What did you do? How did you feel before, during and after? Are you glad you did it?
  • How do you think the climbers felt when they reached the summit? Why do you think they wanted to take part in the challenge?
  • Why is it important to persevere? 

w/c 25th January


What makes a good leader?

Things to think about:

  • How many different leaders can you think of? (Think about leaders at school, clubs, our country etc.) 
  • Do you think anyone could be a good leader? Why?
  • Do you think you would like to be a leader? What would be the benefits and what would be the challenges?

Joshua Becomes a Leader

How was Joshua a good leader? Why do you think he was a good leader?

w/c 18th January

How can we show our thanks to those who help us?

Things to talk about at home:

  • Did you take part in 'Clap for Carers' or 'Clap for Heroes'?
  • If so, what was it like taking part?
  • 'Clap for Heroes' thanks many different roles, can you think of those who may have helped you or your family during this time? Can you think of a way to thank them?

Virtual Assembly

Being Thankful to God

What did Jesus say thank you for? Who do we need to say thank you to? How could we say thank you?

Our School Prayer


Almighty God,
Please guided us through this holy world,
Teach us to see the beautiful things you have created,
Help us to make the right choices in life,
Make Far Forest a peaceful learning place,
Let joy spread around our school,
Forever and Always,