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Marvellous people of ..

Marvellous people...

Sir Edmund Hillary


 Sir Edmund Hillary was a well known explorer and mountain climber. He was the first person to climb Mount Everest along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.



Watch the video/read some information about Sir Edmund Hillary.

Draw a portrait of him and collect two facts.

Portrait and fact collection sheet

Story Sir Edmund Hillary


After watching the video or reading the information complete the fact file about Sir Edmund Hillary. You can use the template provided or create your own.

Fact File template

Activity 3

After watching the video or reading the facts create your own autobiography about Sir Edmund.


Remember an autobiography should include the following information and have the following features ;   Title

                                 Who is the person ?  

                                 What are they famous for ?

                                 When did the event happen ?

                                  Where did it happen ?

                                  Why are they famous today ?

                                   Other interesting facts

                                   Picture and caption

Mount Everest, Asia - Go Jetters Series 1 - Go Jetters

Don't forget to send photos/videos of any of your learning to us and to complete your passport.