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Art by David Hockney

This week is all about celebrating a healthy body and mind and Art is such a useful and fun way of surrounding ourselves with lovely, bright-coloured images that can help us to feel peaceful and happy!

David Hockney is a famous British painter that specializes in pop-art and cubism.

 Have a look at the website below to find out more about Hockney's style (you might recognize one of the paintings from a Guided reading session many moons ago!) and watch the video for some examples of the bright and funky style of pop-art.

Task 1: Here are some examples of Hockney's pop-art and cubism paintings! Can you use one or more of these paintings to inspire your very own artistic masterpiece? Remember to think about the size of your brush-strokes and how to create different colours and shades by mixing.


Task 2: Many of Hockney's paintings focus on nature and experiment with the use of colour.

Can you draw or paint your garden using interesting colours for each part? Get as creative as you like- unusual colours, shapes and patterns are encouraged in this lesson!

If you would prefer, you could create a landscape painting from a nature walk with your family.

You may want to sketch it in pencil first until you are happy with your design. Share your finished masterpiece with your family and discuss the techniques you used to create each part. You can also talk about your favourite part of your creation (and why) and which part you would improve if you were to do it again. 

Task 3: Hockney also loved to experiment with cubism and was inspired by world-famous Artists such as Picasso. Can you have a go at creating a self-portrait or portrait of a member of your family using this style? You may use the instructions on the resource below to help you.


Cubism: Additional learning

I have certainly missed being inspired by your art-work and would love your parents to email photos of your creations to me so that I can enjoy your hard work and celebrate your achievements with Mrs.Reeves-Walters and the Far Forest school website.

Please send them to

Many thanks and have a great week,

Miss. Guy