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Welcome to Europe!



Hello                           Bonjour                Hallo                     Hola                    Cześć             Χαίρετε                Ciao


Europe is home to 50 different countries and borders onto the Artic Ocean in the North, the Atlantic Ocean in the West and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.

There are over 748 million people living in Europe!

What will you explore as you travel around the continent of Europe?

 A summary of all of the activities to for you to choose from can be found in our grid below.


All red links in the grid will take you to further resources to support your adventure in that part of Europe.


Choose whether you want to try a 1 star, 2 star of 3 star challenge, making sure you record the the countries you visit and that you colour a star for each activity you try for Europe in your passport. 

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