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Traditionally most African cuisines use a combination of locally cereal grains, available fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and milk products. Depending on the region of this continent, there are also sometimes quite significant differences in the drinking and  eating habits.


Braai is the South African equivalent of a barbeque. South Africans generally use wood and charcoal to cook their meat, wood being the better method because it brings out the best flavours in the meat. 

Boerwors is a main dish, the name meaning “Farmer’s Sausage” in Afrikaans. It is a local and traditional sausage made either from beef or from a mixture of beef and pork. It is different from traditional sausage because it has abundant use of spices such as cloves, coriander, allspice, black pepper and nutmeg.

Lamb Chops – This is another Braai favourite and it is made by mixing lamb with garlic, thyme and rosemary. Lamb chops are very popular in the Karoo region.

Steak – Ostrich steaks are a favourite .Chicken kebabs are quite popular.  South Africans are inventive in their Braai recipes 

Seafood – Seafood based Braai made from crayfish tails. Tuna is also quite popular when they are cooked over sizzling hot coals.