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Cleopatra Fact File

How to write a Fact File:


Step 1- Pick a subject. What is it that you’re wanting to research? Decide on a subject, whether this be a person, place or a topic and begin research. In order to make a great fact file, there needs to be enough accurate information.


Step 2- Organise your research. You may want to split your research into different sections. Your information needs to be clear and concise, so splitting the information into sections will create a more effective fact file.


Step 3- Write your fact file! Write a nice large clear title that will convey your subject. You could write the favourite fact you’ve found at the top of the sheet to catch your reader’s attention. The split your information into different sections, bullet points are a great idea for setting your work out. Bullet points will help keep the information clear and concise.

Try adding some pictures to your fact file, they will bring personality and fun to the file and give further insight to your reader. If you have any leftover information, create a ‘quick facts’ section- these are great for lasting and memorable information.