Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


A taste of...

A taste of .. India   


Watch  'Show me the Curry'  and cook along to make delicious Nan Khatai cookies.


Nan Khatai - Eggless Cookie Indian Recipe | Show Me The Curry

 Activity  - Design some packaging for your cookies. 

Follow the links to find some 3D nets. Choose a net for your packaging.

What will your cookies be called ?  Add the name you choose and decorate your packaging net.  Finally cut out your net to construct your packaging. 


Watch the 'Show me the Curry' video again.

Write a set of instructions for someone else to make Nan Khatai cookies. Remember to include key features ;   Include an aim

                                     Include an ingredients list

                                     Include an equipment list

                                     Use numbered steps


Think about your presentation and organisation. Are you going to create a leaflet or a booklet ?  Do you want to include any photos from your own making ? 



Don't forget to share any photos of your making, packaging and instructions with us and most of all enjoy the cookies !