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Wonder Days & Theme Weeks

Wonder Days & Theme Week


To enhance our curriculum further we have Wonder Days and Theme Weeks during the School year.


Links to activities that can be carried out in school or at home can be found on this page.

Wonder Days & Theme Week 

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th February 2021 


As a whole school we will come together and take flight around the world for our 'Oh, the places you'll go...' Wonder Days. 


After half term {Monday 22nd - Friday 26th February 2021} Far Forest passports will be issued and we will escape through our imagination to different continents in the world. 


Every child can visit as many continents as they want - they may want to choose a continent and stay for the week or you may want to travel to each continent and discover more about the different parts of the world. 


We will launch our theme week on Monday 22nd February - Staff will introduce the theme week and show you where you can find all the activities. 


You can share your work through the normal ways: Teams for Years 1-6 and Tapestry for our Early Years. 


Team Meets will still take place during the week (your teacher will remind you when) for pupils to share the places they have travelled to and what they have discovered...


We hope you enjoy the range of activities staff have created for each class and household to try out over the week.


Don't forget to check in with your passport! Record all the places that you have visited this week. Please share your learning and wonderful work with your teachers.

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                          Where will you fly today?

Wonder Days & Theme Weeks 


To bring our school together following the Easter break we have devised shared tasks that everyone in your family can complete during this week.


Our Wonder Days and Theme Week will focus on Appreciation and being thankful. 


In each sub-page you will find an overview and suggestions of activities you can do at home. 


Please email your class teacher any photographs of what you have made or found out or post on our Twitter page. 


We will share all your amazing work.


Mrs Reeves-Walters