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Escape with...

Escape with ..




Create your own Japanese Cherry blossom tree art. 

First paint a background, next the tree shape and finally use your fingers to print the blossom.


During many Indian celebrations, hands and feet are decorated with mehndi patterns. 

Print or cut out your own hand prints before decorating them with some of the traditional mehndi patterns found in the examples. 


Try your hand at the traditional Chinese craft of origami.  Watch the videos or follow the links to take you to step by step instructions and see what you can create !



How To Make an Easy Origami Dinosaur

How to make a Paper Cat - Easy Origami for Kids

How to make a cute cat face, easy origami tutorial for kids.

How To Fold An Origami Jumping Frog

Learn how to fold an origami jumping frog! This is the best jumping frog ever.

Don't forget to send photos/videos of any of your learning to us and to complete your passport.