Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


School Arrival / Departure

Dear Parents/Carers, 


To make sure all children and families are safe and avoid class or school closures please can we ask the arrangements below are followed:


  1. Once the bus children have arrived on the school site children can start to make their way to their class from 8.40 am
  2. To reduce congestion, we will extend this time from 8.40 am - 9.00 am - this should allow for greater flexibility and reduce the volume of people at one time
  3. Parents/carers are not to wait in groups and must always maintain social distancing
  4. Parents/carers are encouraged to wear face masks on the school site at drop off and collection times
  5. We would encourage parents not to wait at the bottom of the path and keep this area clear for children to arrive and leave safely. 

We all have a responsibility to support each other as we enter a national lockdown. As yet schools have not been advised to alter or change current practice, however, if this changes we will inform parents/carers immediately. 


Kind regards,

Shelley Reeves-Walters

Executive Headteacher of Far Forest Lea CE Memorial 

Primary School