Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Yr 2 Spellings

Phonics session in year 2 follow Phase 6 phonics which includes Year 2 spelling strategies.



Below is a list of strategies we use to practice learning spellings. All of them can be used with the words on our spelling lists.


Strategies to teach spelling


  • Rainbow write

Teacher/Pupil to write word in pencil and then repeat underneath in the colours of the rainbow

Eg  grass





  • Word pyramid

Teacher writes word for pupil they then create a pyramid with the letters in the word. 

EG      pretty                  p

                                  P   r

                             P    r    e

                          P   r    e    t

                       P    r    e    t   t

                    P      r    e    t   t   y


  • Anagram

  Provide children with letters of words all muddled, or magnetic letters. Adult to say word children to unmuddle and write/ make word


  • Quickwrite

  How many times in a minute can you spell..


  • Word shapes

 Provide children with a range of spellings  and letter shaped boxes. Which words fit into the boxes ?





  • Which one looks right

Provide three examples of words, two spelt incorrectly and one right. Children to identify and write the correctly spelt one. Offer reasons why others are incorrect.


  • Kim’s Game

Share 5 words with children. Read through together and then to themselves repeating over and over. Children cover eyes. One or two words to be covered or to disappear. Children to write down which word has gone. Reveal and check spelling.


  • Quick write 2

 How many of our words can you correctly spell in 1 min. Keep a score can you beat you record the next time ?

Tricky Troll Words - Year 2 Common Exception Words - Practice reading, tracking and spelling those words that break our phonic rules