Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


W/C 18/01/2021

Watch the videos below. The first one is a recap of solids, liquids and gases from last week. The second one is also a recap from last week, it explains some of the different properties of materials. I have added a few more experiments that you might be able to try at home. I would also like you to go through the PowerPoint (Keeping Cool) and design a lunchbox.


Think about which materials are thermal conductors and which ones are thermal insulators. What does ‘insulating’ and ‘conducting’ mean? (think about how houses are insulated they keep heat in and cold out or vice versa). Thermal insulation prevents the movement of heat energy. To keep warm on a cold day we wear: jumpers, thick socks, hat etc. The clothes prevent heat energy transferring from our bodies to our surroundings, i.e. they act as thermal insulators. What do you think ‘conducting’ means? What will happen if cups for hot drinks conduct heat rather than insulate it? (You would burn your hands and the drink would cool quickly). Materials that allow heat (or thermal) energy to pass through them easily are called thermal conductors.