Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


W/C 25.01.2021

Go through the PowerPoint first.  Many famous inventions were created that solved problems and made life better for people. Have a look at the pictures on the sheet (sheet 3a) and write down the problem that each one solved (hint: think about what life was like without it). Choose one of the Victorian inventions from your picture sheet and imagine you are introducing the idea of it to people for the first time. You will need to imagine that you are advertising the idea for the invention to a group of rich investors whose job it is to give you enough money to build the invention for the first time (a bit like Dragons’ Den). You will need to research your Victorian invention. Once you have researched, you need to prepare your pitch by Creating a poster showing what the invention looks like and how it works. Then, use resource 3b to prepare a short speech selling the idea to the investors.