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Support Resources September 2021

Welcome to Little Acorns

We are so excited to welcome our new children into Reception!

What can I do to help my child be ready for starting Reception?

This contains a list of suggested activities and skills you could work with your child to develop over the summer holidays to help best prepare them for starting Reception.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Mrs Colburn ( 

These are all designed to be completed as a family and to help the children develop keys skills ready for starting school.

Please take lots of photos of the children completing these activities. These can either be sent to us using Tapestry or given to us on the first day of term.

We will put these on the wall to help make the children’s first display.

Phonics Support


The following videos offer an introduction to what Phonics is and also show the correct articulation of each sound.

We do not expect the children to know all of these when they start school. They will be introduced to children throughout their Reception year.

All parents will be invited to a Phonics workshop in the Autumn Term. More details to follow.

What is phonics?

Articulation of Phonemes