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In Little Acorns, Phonics is taught following the Story Time Phonics scheme. Every time the children learn a new phoneme, they receive a book from the Phonics Fairy linked to the new phoneme they are learning. The children learn a rhyme and action linked to every phoneme e.g. i, i, Incy Wincy.

In Reception, children complete Phase 2, 3 and 4. They will learn every initial sound and begin to learn some digraphs and trigraphs. The children learn 4 new sounds every week.

In our Phonics sessions, the children will learn new letter sounds and will begin to match these to graphemes. They will also learn to blend words for reading and segment for spelling. The children will also learn letter formation rhymes for each initial sound.

Phonics Workshop

We would normally invite parents in for a Phonics workshop to outline how we teach Phonics in Little Acorns. Please find below the PowerPoint and resources that would have been shared during this session.

If you have any questions regarding Phonics please either contact me through email ( or Tapestry. 

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