Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


School Closure Monday 25th January

School will be closed to all pupils of Key Workers on Monday 25th January.


Remote Learning will be available for all pupils.


Your child’s teacher will provide work for the day - please check the normal routes tomorrow morning via Teams, School Website or Tapestry for more details. 


Why have we made the decision today to close our school to all pupils tomorrow?


  • The current conditions of the roads and surrounding areas to the school are not safe.


  • The forecast for this evening and through the night is for temperatures to drop below -5. Therefore roads and paths will not improve by morning.


  • Many staff live between 20 minutes to 40 minutes away from school. Conditions from each location to school are worst.


  • We would not be able to mix bubbles of children & staff in school. Depending on which staff could get in would determine which children could come into school.


  • The health and safety of everyone is our first priority.


All factors above have influenced our decision. We also feel it allows more time for the families of key worker children in school to arrange support for tomorrow.