Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Questions and Answers regarding Return to School

Dear Parents,


Thank you for your responses and the time it must have taken for you to detail your reasons as to whether your child is returning or if you are choosing to wait. Several parents have lots of questions, most of which were similar, which may influence their decision.

I would stress that how you feel may change over the course of the next two weeks. There is no pressure from us – this is a personal choice for your family. Hopefully the Q &A below will provide additional guidance.  

Please feel free to contact me if you would discuss this further. I will reply to each email personally I apologise if I have not as yet.


Common Questions raised so far…

Q) Can you guarantee my child will not contract Coronavirus?

A) No. We are following all recommendations and guidance to reduce the risk.


Q) Have all staff been tested and will all children be tested before the 1st of June?

A) No. Current guidance only recommends testing where symptoms are present. If a teacher or child is presenting with any symptoms of Covid 19, they should self-isolate immediately for the recommended amount of time.


Q) Will PPE be worn by staff?

A) No. PPE should only be worn if it is common practice. E.g. to administer first aid or in the event that a child is presenting with symptoms.


Q) Is a 15minute period a sufficient lapse for areas to clear between arrivals and departures?

A) Yes. With your support and an adjustment to the points of entry on to the school site, our prior experience over the past weeks has shown this to be effective. Further guidance will follow for each year group.


Q) Can my child arrive and leave at different times that fall within the proposed timetable?

A) No. The start and the end of the school day needs to be staggered and structured. Guidance for individual ‘family’ groups will be presented and shared prior to children returning.


Q) Can I delay my child returning to school?

A) Yes. We would require one week’s notice before your child returns to school.


Q) If my child is not coping, can I withdraw them from school?

A) Yes. We need to be mindful that school will not be operating in the way that children are normally familiar with and this may impact our children.


Q) Will I be fined if my child does not return to school?

A) No.


Q) Will my child remain on the school roll if they do not return until September?

A) Yes.


Q) Will remote learning still take place for my child if they do not return to school?

A) Yes. Remote learning will mirror the learning taking place for those children that return to school.


Q) What will the curriculum look like for my child if they return to school?

A) In order to allow those who wish to continue home-learning and to ensure safe practice for those returning to school, children’s learning will be akin to that which has been taking place over recent weeks.


Q) Will cleaning take place throughout the day?

A) Yes. We will be following Public Health England guidance: Cleaning in non-health care settings and an enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented.


Q) What does the term ‘family group’ mean in this context?

A) The same group of children, with the same members of staff at school.


Q) Is my child guaranteed to be with their class teacher when they return?

A) No.  We are currently establishing which staff will be able to be in school from the 1st June. We need to reduce the number of pupils in each group and will split classes in to two family groups.


Q) How will family groups be decided?

A) It is not possible for every child to return to their class teacher, but every effort will be made to provide as much familiarity as possible to all pupils, whether that be from the classroom, friends or staff allocated to each family group.


Q) What eating and drinking arrangements will take place in school?

A) Children will remain with their family groups during lunchtime. We will confirm prior to your child returning what lunch arrangements will be in place as this is yet to be confirmed with contractors.


Q) I am a key worker and my child is in one of the specified year groups. What group will they be with?

A) This will depend on how much provision you require. If you only require the proposed provision for your child’s year group, then they will remain with their year group. They will also need to adhere to the times set out for that year group. If they require additional provision, beyond that of their year group, they will be with the key worker group. No children will be able to move between family groups.


Q) What if I have a child in a specified year group but also a child in another year group, can both come into school?

A) No. Only pupils that have been identified by the Government (Year R, Year 1 and Year 6) can be phased back in to school. Children of critical / key workers will continue to take priority for places in school.