Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Phased Return to School

Dear Parents, 


Since Sunday’s announcement from the PM of his desire for certain year groups to return to school from 1st June, schools have been issued guidance in how we can reduce the risks for pupils and staff in school. 


We have outlined in a letter (published in our 'Letters' section) our initial proposal of how this may work in our school. 


In reducing the amount of pupils in one group / classroom and limiting their contact with others also in the building is proving a challenge, but one I will review constantly in the best interests of everyone. 


Since lockdown was imposed we transferred provision to Wolverley Sebright School to provide support for the children of critical and key workers every day including Easter holidays and the upcoming half term holiday. 


The last 8 weeks has been a huge adjustment for everyone and School has had to change to manage the risks we all face. 


I am extremely proud of my staff and supportive families. In the coming weeks we will need to continue to work together and respect that what we would like to do is not necessarily what we can do. 


Please read through our proposal for the transitional stage of pupils from Year 6, 1, R & N phasing back into school. 


Once we have a better idea of the numbers returning I will write to each year group with a detailed overview of what we, you and your child will need to do when we return. 


As always thank you in advance for your support. 



Mrs S Reeves-Walters


Executive Headteacher

Far Forest Lea Memorial CE Primary School

Wolverley Sebright Primary School