Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



In Maple class our daily Maths lessons follow the White Rose progression documents. 


We start each session with a 5 minute daily challenge, before revisiting and practicing new skills together before applying skills in our own independent activity.  Our maths skills develop through practicing with concrete resources such as Numicon, counters, denes, counting bears, bead strings, then move onto drawing and capturing our workings out in jottings before finally moving towards the abstract; seeing questions and solving questions written as number sentences and as worded reasoning problems.


More maths links can be found on the Weblinks pages


The following resources will enable you to help support your child in a similar style to which they are already used to. 

Resources to support activities - Number formation practice, numberline and 100 square

Daily Challenges - 5 minute activities to be completed daily

Learning Resources from White Rose

These are your daily maths lessons. Watch the videos and try the activities

Mental Maths - Weekly mental maths test read the questions aloud and answer on the answers sheet