Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School





Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week, if not more, we would really like for them to work on their fluency and understanding of a text. Home reading books will be changed once a week if the children are ready to change them, this is usually on a Thursday. If your child is enjoying a book that they have at home, that is absolutely fine but please record any reading in their diaries- they should be coming home with this every night.


 We would really like to celebrate reading at Far Forest and now with our new library, the children are becoming keen to choose and share books with others. The children have  2 further books that they choose from the library each week, a fiction and a non-fiction text which they read in class everyday. 


Please continue to support your child with reading at home, we really appreciate your support with this.



As outlined in the parent information booklet, the children will be coming home with a 'Focus Five' sheet with spellings errors that they make in their writing which they will need to learn. Strategies to support your child can be found in the parent information booklet.

Homework Bingo

This is an optional piece of homework which the children can complete throughout the term. They will need to complete all activities with evidence before claiming their reward! The activities can be done in any order and should be of a good standard in order for it to be signed off.