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Worcestershire Children First - Face Covering Letter for Parents

Parents Advised to Wear Face Coverings Outside Schools

DfE Letter for parents about COVID-19 symptoms

Worcestershire Children's First short film to help children returning to school

West Mercia Policy Parent Poster

West Mercia Policy Parent Leaflet


Risk Assessment Contract and Visitor Management

Risk Assessment Staff or Pupils showing Coronavirus symptoms

Legionella Risk Assessment

Evacuation Routes week beginning Monday 1st June

COVID 19 School updates


Starting from June 1st the Government have asked for schools to remain open only for children who are vulnerable and for those children of workers critical to the COVID-19 response who absolutely need to attend and start the phasing back of pupils in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 6.


Far Forest Lea Memorial CE Primary School will begin phasing children back into school following the guidance set out to schools. Please see below the risk assessment and links to DFE information sites. 





The most important thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to wash their hands more often. Soap and water and regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds is the best way of staying safe. Hand washing with soap employs mechanical action that loosens bacteria and viruses from the skin, rinsing them into the drain.


Drying hands afterwards makes the skin less hospitable to the virus. Hand sanitiser can be effective if soap is not available or the situation makes using soap less feasible (i.e. when outside) but using hand sanitiser provides none of the virus-destroying friction that rubbing your hands together and rinsing with water provides.

Parental Information

Please follow the link to parental guidance on health and well-being.