Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


30th March- 3rd April

This is an overview of tasks your child could complete this week


  • Daily Maths Challenge (10.00am-11.00am)

  • TT Rockstars

  • Year 3: Complete the ordering numbers tasks in the home-learning tasks

  • If your child is finding this tricky, a year 2 home learning task is also available
  • Year 4: Complete the “Add two four-digit numbers” activities




  • Guided reading challenge cards (can be used alongside a reading book of your choice)
  • Complete a book review using the template provided

  • Year 3: Complete the “Dream Holiday” comprehension activity in your home learning pack

Gap Task: Complete the “Discovery of Easter Island” adult-led questions activity in the GT home learning pack

  • Year 4: Complete the “Where does our food come from?” challenge activity in the home learning pack




Spelling and Grammar

  • Use these websites to teach Grammar and spelling rules in a fun way

  • Complete the printable conjunctions revision
  • Continue to test your child on a selection of spellings from the appropriate statutory list



  • Complete the printable paragraphs revision
  • Complete the story-starter using paragraphs to group your ideas

  • Can you create some characters for a story of any genre you like? Use the character planning sheet to help you
  • Can you create a fictional tale about your characters? You could use the DASH planning sheet to help you


  • Complete an experiment from the Science experiments at home folder and complete the testing table alongside it
  • Explore the guides and games provided by BBC Bite-size

  • Have a go at the KS2 “Muscles” quiz

  • Extra challenge: Complete the skeletons and muscles depth task


  • Have a go at the activities provided by the Wyre Forest School Sports Partnership
  • Alphabet fitness bingo
  • Super movers “Get Moving whilst you learn!”

  • PE with Joe 9am daily workouts





  • Complete the “design your own Island” task (there is a video link included to help with co-ordinates!)
  • Complete the “County symbols” task


  • Watch the video and read the key facts on Nelson Mandela then complete the activity

  • If you have access to BBC iPlayer or Netflix, “Horrible Histories” are short educational episodes that teach about several different historical periods and are usually well-received by children younger and older!