Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


W/C 11/01/2021

Over the next few weeks we will be reading the text 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. 


We will be using the text to guide us with our writing and will focus on a balanced argument. The question will be 'Should Jim leave the Workhouse?' Some points to consider: 



*Introduction to the key question (Should Jim stay or go?)

*Paragraph 'FOR' - reasons Jim should stay

*Paragraph 'AGAINST' - reasons Jim should leave

*Conclusion - draw together your final thoughts on the situation.


In class we will look at the key features of a balanced argument which can be found in the Powerpoint provided. The children will also have the opportunity to plan their balanced argument before they write it. At school, children take the time to write a draft version and they then edit their work and consider how they can further improve it. For example, correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation. Finally, once the children have edited their work, they write up their work in best. I will go through this during the live lessons at 10:30am each day starting from Monday 11th January 2021. 


Alternatively, your child could write another balanced argument. Here are some examples:


  • Should Children Be Allowed to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast?
  • Should Animals Be Kept in Captivity?
  • Should Children Wear a School Uniform?