Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


Spring term letter to parents

Dear Parents,


Happy New Year and welcome back to all our children, parents and carers. Some of your children may have told you about our special delivery from Santa of some lovely new toys for our role play area which the PTA kindly organised for us. A great big thankyou to ‘Santa’ and to all our families who have supported the various PTA events over the last year your children directly benefit from the money raised so we hope you will go on supporting them this year. Lorraine Banerjee (Bow’s mum) is our class rep. so if you can help in any way with future events please have a word with her.


This half term we once again have lots of exciting events planned. Over the next two weeks we will be looking at animals that live in Polar Regions and what the weather is like there, as we are lacking in the ice and snow front here! We are centring our activities around a lovely book about a snow bear exploring the world for the first time and making friends, linking this to the children returning or starting pre-school and making and re-establishing friendships and learning to play and have fun together by sharing, taking turns and caring for each other.


Following that we will be moving on to bedtime, something that we know can be a challenging time in households and will be looking at bedtime routines, night time, where we sleep and why we need to sleep. We are planning lots of fun activities that will link home and pre-school that we hope everyone will join in with.


Towards the end of the half term we have several special events to celebrate and these may include Chinese New Year and Pancake Day, so watch this space.


Please don’t forget Chloe our doll who loves to come home with you at the weekend if you have a special event, outing or holiday planned. As always if you have any queries about anything in pre-school please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of staff.


Many thanks


The Pre-school Team.