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The Tale Of Hansel And Gretal

Told By The Witch


I'm the wicked witch, well that's what the liars call me. I'm a sweet-hearted witch.

I heal animals for treats sweets. I had lots of treats I mean Sweets until they came

Who came you ask? A girl and a boy named Gretal and Hansel.

My sweeets they ate like Chomp..... Gulp....GONE!!! So hold on to yours hold them with

might and don't let go not even in night


Lets talk about them well the fat little piglet .Gretal was really like a piglet she had a pig snout! hansel so fat and wierd he wore makeup verry strange .They were in the woods walking along till tumble they went down a hole one of my rabbits had made "NOOOOO"

I thought the boy had died but no it was her hair she moaned and moaned until she suddenly stopped "yummy gummy it should be in my tummy" the boy said with pride then I realized there evil plan........

I dropped my berry's and ran to them.


as I reached out a hand my home was destroyed my sweet were gone the stupid children HAD EATEN IT ALL I was about to kill them when her phone rang it was her mom I ignored it and rang a orphanige a option can up saying SELFIE I went to show puss my cat as Gretal broke the cage and ran with Hansel to my cauldren. Gretal pushed passed Hansel and pushed him in the boiling caulden as he boiled Gretal laughed and laughed then slipped in that's how they really died


a few days later I had a YouTube channel I vlogged about my stew the children fell I was vlogging I fell in i've never been able to get out somy life is in here until someone finds me!