Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



Hello I'm a wolf a big bad fat wolf people call me Mr wolf because I'm a boy and I'm a wolf . I love pigs to eat I'm a bit unusual normally wolfs eat rabbits.'' I bet you have heard of the story three Little pigs but I'm telling you the true story.


Once upon a time ,there were three pigs and me , the pigs moved house to make a house each .


The first pig made his house out of straw ,the second pig made his house out of lots of sticks and the third pig made his house out of lots of bricks .


Next I went to their unknown stupid village there is only 3 houses in that village .So first I blew the first house down and ate the pig , then I blew the second house down then ate the third house I blew to hard and fainted ''oh god '' '' I can remember that.''


The End