Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School






People say I'm a slimy, horrible frog -I mean I'd like to see them as frogs; I bet I'm more handsome . Soon I'll be a beautiful prince and I'll show them who's ugly . Some princesses aren't as nice as you think, they seem all pretty ,pink and innocent in the fairy tales but really a lot of them aren't very pleasant.


One day ,when I had been splashing in a brick , rounded well deep down in the big wild forest, something red and sparkly dropped from above it made a plop sound as it hit the muddy water, it gave me quite a fright and many thoughts ran through my head. I scrambled up the well to investigate.


Whining drowned out my ear - this princess was a mess-her grouching was like an eagle who hadn't eaten in years. She (like everyone else) told me to shoo, "Go back to the hole you came from!" she cried, "Ugly water rat! I dropped my phone down the well and if your not here to help go away."

I tried to persuade her, "If you promise to take me to your house: drink from your golden cup, eat from your plate and sleep on your pillow, I'll get your phone from the very bottom of the well."

" Fine!" groaned the princess.


I hopped down the well, clasped the phone between my webbed feet and clambered up the well; I gave the girl her phone but in the blink of a second she was gone, disappeared beneath the branches. I shouted and wailed but she couldn't hear. Meanwhile...


" I made a promise to a gross frog but I ran away because he was creepy," added the princess whilst eating with her father.

" One would advise thee to keep thy promise," bellowed the royal king!

I knocked on the door - bang bang - "Princess, Princess let me in!"


She finally let me in and I drank from her cup, ate from her plate and slept on her pillow. She did this three days in a row and by the third night she got used to me -kind of - and we had a lot (I guess) of fun. One night I suddenly pounced of the pillow and turned into a charming prince, I knelt down to the princess, whipped out a single crisp rose and a diamond ring.


Later that week, we got married under an arch of glitter and straw, she was alright now she had changed, and celebrated in an abandoned barn, we lived happily ever after.