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Many people know of Little Red Riding Hood. inside the fairy tale is me the Big Bad Wolf.Little Red is her name for short. Anyway Little Red is nice in the book, but mean in real life!i know what you are thinking but the big bad wolf is bad.Well you are wrong this is what really happened.

So I was inside my house whatching the news with a cup of tea when the news guy said a woodcutter is coming to cut down all the trees.I was scared I had know idea what to do.I could destracted the wood cutter then eat him only one problem.he could get away in his truck.But then I had the perfect plan!

I would eat a granny she would shoute for help the wood cutter would come to save the poor garnny and I could eat him to. I saw Little Red walk outside I did not know her back then.

I walked out and said "Hi what are you doing," Little Red said "Im going to my nans house," Oh ya almost forgot to tell you Little Red wears baggy trousers and a shirt with a plastic gold chain."Anyway back to the story,so this was my time so I said "where does your nan live."

"down at the end of the spooky forest," "I bet I can get to your nans house first," so I ran off and got to the house first.

When I got to her nans house I ran inside and ate her up. The wood cutter did not hear so when Little Red got to the house I ate her to. Then for desert I had the wood cutter and my forest was saved. So I am not the bad guy all I did was save my home and all the birds home the end.