Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



The Ginger Bread man!

Hello darlings my name is Grandmother, I live with my husband and grandson Sam. Sam loves baking ,so do I, we bake at the weekends and after Sam's paper round . Sam's most favourite of all is the ginger bread man .So let me tell you about a story.

Once upon a time my grandson wanted a ginger bread man ,so we went to the shop and bought the ingredients :sugar ;flour ;ginger ;butter ;salt ;icing ; sprinkles and sweets .It was very expensive!


When I got home my darling Sam had got all the equipment out :a bowl ;a spoon ;a sieve ;a Wisk and a baking tray. So we put the flour ;sugar; butter ;salt and ginger in a bowl and mixed till smooth.


After half an hour of mixing the batter was done ,so Sam poured the mix ihappily ever aftern to the mould and put him in the oven to bake. He came out ten minutes later, we put him on a plate to cool so Sam ran to fetch Grandpapa from the study . When Sam came back the ginger bread man was gone! All gone not even a single crumb was left! Sam opened the door and saw the ginger bread man running away.


The ginger bread man ran ,ran as fast as his legs could go! He ran through farms ,parks ,schools and churches


Soon the ginger bread man came to a river ,there was a fox paddling on the bank ,the fox said that he would help .So the ginger bread man listened to the fox and jumped on his tail ,then on his back ,then on his nose .The fox was hungry so he opened his mouth and tilted his head back and the ginger bread man fell in! gobble gobble gobble!


Sam was very upset

And they all lived happily ever after


(Except Sam!)