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Stinky Cinderella And The Glass Slipper

Yo Yo Yo, It's step sistaaaaa in da house. Most people make me out to be the vain and horrible one but really that's Cinderella; she's always complimenting herself and talking about when she'll finally meet her "Prince Charming". It's obvious she loves Star Wars as well she's always talking about that Darth Vader man or something like that.


It all started off when my mum (Melony) married the king, it was a lovely wedding -nice and pink aswell- appart from one thing the kings daughter, she was quite rude and quite the chatter box. Anyway my mum and the king decided to move in together. So off we went to the kings, and now our, house.


As we arrived, I opened the door to feel dust dropping from the ceiling. My mum said

"It will be alright it just needs a little clean up!"

"OKKKKKKKKKKKKKK," me and my sister groaned, Cinderella welcomed us with some lovely Victorian Sponge Cake,

"It must be nice? it's hand made by the rats!"

(me my sister and my mum all spat it out) We allwent to our rooms and unpacked.


BLABBER, BLABBER, BLABBER, it's all she does i'll tell you now ALL SHE DOES! Untill an letter came through the door -three infact- obviously they were for me my sister and my mum. Anyway Cinderella was to scruffy to go to whatever it was in the tiny envelope. We opened it and it


"You are invited to the Princes Ball tonight at six thirty pm!"


As the clock told six thirty, we all got in the carriage ready to go. We were now at the ball. There was a lovely young lady, who was dancing with the Prince, she was very pretty and also quite young. The clock striked twelve and we all went home.

The next morning, the prince knocked on the door and said

"Whoever this glass slipper fits i will marry,"

Everyone tried it on but it didn't fit any of us and there was only one person left, Cinderella, I thought it couldn't have been but........but........IT WAS!

For this reason, they both got married and probably lived happily ever after, but to be honest I didn't care, at least we didn't have to listen to all of the Star Wars stuff she,s into anymore.