Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



The Pea's Tale

Yo it 's Pea in de house, I'm clever and I'm guaranteed to be all around epic.Year guess I'm Pea from princess and the Pea. Today you get tio hear my side of things; you might not know the things I'm about to tell you they're ment to be a secret but it's my chose so I have chosen to tell you.


I am a Pea who is used for random things and this is one of them.My jar (that I spend most my life in,) seems to be marvellously magic.It moves every where I want it to go!It's a good privilege to have a moving , now lets get onto the story.It all started when I decied to tell my jar to move to the shelf by the door.The moment I got there the door went bang,bang.

It was a princess although thats what she said she was.The King said supiciously"come in "


The princess said,"thank you and my name is Bluebell."I folwed them into a room , where there was food set onto the table then the King grabed my jar of the shelf and said"would one like peas"

Bluebell said "no one wouldn't" few I thought. Next I saw Bluebell walk out the room ,I folowed her out she started talking on her pink sparkly phone.She said "Year it's really nice here chole," then I decided to go and see what the King was doing. He was talking to the Qeen,the King was saying "I don't think she's a real princess."


"Neaither do I" answered the Qeen.


"I know lets put a pea under onehundred matresses if she can feel it she's a real princess."


I went upstairs and sudenly onehundred matresses came past me like linghtning the one of the garuds said " this one will be fine." It was me again!" Then there I was under onehundred matresses then more wheight wheighed down on me.The princess must be on the matresses.I said to my self help!Then I felt a hand on me,it was the princess, then I heard a scream,"why is there a pea under my matresses!