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Little Red Riding Hood told by the wolf

Lots of people may know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but have you heard it from me? I just finished my lunch oh sorry I didn't mention my name, my name is Mr Wolf or Big Bad Wolf if you want to call me that. I am not bad like it says in my name. I saw her once and she is as fat as the largest apple I know, I am vegetarian by the way and she looks yummy . Most people think Little Red is sweet but she is vile and mean. Now let me tell you the true tail or should I say tale, it began like this.


Meanwhile, in the forest of reserrection , I was wandering through the trees .When I saw a little girl carrying a basket-full of food, I hadn't eaten in ages so I was starving. I knew it was full of food because I smelled it, and She was singing " I'm going to my grandmas to give her some food!"


I wanted that basket and I needed to eat the grandma. ' YUM,' I thought, so I grabbed some carrots and headed outside, thinking about stuff you don't need to know . When I caught up to Little Red I asked her something that I will tell you in the next paragraph.


I told her to go and pick some pretty flowers , then I ran to the grandmas house and I ran in and ate her "Yum that was nice," I said. I got into Grandmas clothes and lay in the bed . When Little Red came in she said " Oh what big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see you with, I replied back

" Oh what big teeth you have, " she said

"All the better to eat you with," and as quick as a flash I ate her up. [I had to do it, is in my nature well at least I think it is]