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Little red ridding hood

told by the wolf

Now when people hear the story of little red ridding hood they hear of me the big bad wolf. People think I'm the villain in this story but on that day I was not the one who killed. That girl was known for eating humans, setting Villages on fire and blowing up castles. In the book I'm the big bad wolf ,but in the forest I'm wolf just wolf and I shall tell you the real story of Little

red ridding hood.


I was wandering through the forest when I heard a near-bye village burning. One man shouted ''That girl in the red cloak be wary of her. '' And then burned to DEATH!!!!!!

''Girl in a red cloak,'' I thought. After a while I remembered

''Little red ridding hood!'' I said slowly. After that I ran into the forest to find her.


I found her grandmothers house and ran in. Red ridding hood's grandma was trying to kill me! So I ate her all up in on bite. Then I heard her coming, she was so fat that she couldn't even go through the roof. Then I heard her complement me just like in the story. When she found out I was a wolf, she tried to eat me. I ran into the forest.

''I will eat YOU!!!!'' shouted little red as she got stuck in a tree. Then I had a plan I climbed the tree, jumped down onto her and ate her up.

''yum I said as she diserpeared into my tummy.


So if you enter my forest I will eat you.....