Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School


End of half term ‘orange’ party

Picture 1 Having a boogie to some music before our lunch
Picture 2 Watching the screen to copy the actions
Picture 3
Picture 4 Enjoying my ‘orange’ food
Picture 5 I’ve tried some new foods today
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 strike a pose Luna !!
Picture 9 Sat eating our food at the dinner table
Picture 10 Mrs Stevens serving up our ‘orange’ food
Picture 11
Picture 12 A big smile as I’m about to eat my orange cake !!
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16 This cake is delicious!!!
Picture 17
Picture 18 After lunch,doing the shark dance
Picture 19 copying the actions to the ‘shake your sillies out
Picture 20
Picture 21 I enjoy singing and dancing
Picture 22 Dancing with our friends