Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



once upon a time in the kingdom of the three moons there lived a beautiful princess named poppy, it was her mothers birthday so she wanted to pick her some flowers from the royal garden after foraging through some flowers she spotted the most beautiful flower she had ever seen so poppy decided to pick it but she yanked and yanked on it but it would not come out but third time lucky it did come out ,as she was on her way back she fell into pond she couldn't get out so she scrambled to get out but her leg got caught in reeds, but she saw a glow coming from the bottom of the pool so she grabbed it and pulled herself out of the pond but, as she came out she saw a flying pig with a big necklace which read STEVE he flew down and scooped poppy  up and soon enough they were flying Poppy said "put me down put me down" after a while Steve did but, just before they landed he sais you found it ,you found me you found power, you found her and then, Steve flew up through the clouds and went home.Day and night poppy was thinking about what it could mean but eventually she knew what it meant he meant a sorceress an evil witch she was walking round the garden the next day and she kept seeing things she had countless nose-bleeds poppy also was vomiting blood so ,she went to get some fresh air from the garden but as poppy walked around but she saw a weird black figure first a bunny came out and then an old lady with a pointy blade in her pocket so she walked a bit closer but then she stabbed poppy in the neck and she dropped dead to the floor but Steve was up in the sky and shouted "look down below" and an Easter egg plopped on her head and then she fainted and could not move but, then poppy came back to life and fired poison arrows out of her hands then the evil mysterious witch shot Steve with a machine gun unfortunately he did not come back to life so poppy had taken the witches flesh and laid it down on Steve and supprisingly he came back to life again and from that day forwards they all lived happily ever after.            


the end