Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



so you heard of that pesky little tale that little red told you now its time for my tail sorry did I say tail I mean tale .So there I was just wandering for some berry's .Then a big juicy fat girl who had a picnic basket with a lovely smell coming out of it. So I dressed up as an old man and I said "Oh young lady where are you going?" In a deep croaky voice "To my granny's house I've got cake," she replied. "It would be lovely if you got here some flowers,"

"oh yes that would be lovely," . so of she went then I ran as fast as I could to her granny's house and pretended I was little red and hid her grandma . When Little Red turned up I had to eat her to have her food. Then I spat her out, out of nowhere a crazy lumberjack came in while running on a log singing let it go When he dropped his axe . Then with a big massive swoop he picked it up as fast as he could but he picked it up to fast and it when out of his hands and into the wall . Then fell over the log he came in he slowly got up ,while everybody was confused, . Then with a big grab he got his axe then threw it strait at me but it skimmed my whiskers a giant ketchup packet . Then I ran as fast as I could and hid in a bush for around three months and here I am now