Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



peter rabbit

Many people know me as the evil fox from peter rabbit but that is not true and  ill tell you why in this story   you will find out if you carry on reading you will find out i am not evil im just in need of a forest friend thats all is that too much to ask for .It's not alot to ask for is it?.I was walking through the forest when i saw a young rabbit called peter he loudly said to his mother, "ma ma come quick there's an evil fox here to eat me help". I ignored the young rabbit and carried on walking.

I was in the forest and what a suprise i saw peter rabbits cousin Benjamin Bunny who was wearing a splendid scottish hat he was looking for berrys . Luckilky for bejamin there were lots of berry bushes around i asked him"can i eat some" but he thought i meant eat him he boxed me with paws his i was very hurt and upset.

I went to go home so i could have a bubble bath to get all the dirt of me i realised my new lilac peticoat had been ripped i was horrified.I got out of the bath and saw another fox who had a dangerous look about him he wore the same peticoat and dyed his fur the same red color so he looked like me.I heard a knock at the door it was my dear friend jemima puddle -duck .Then the worst happened the dangerous looking fox ate jemima puddle duck in one big gulp.

It got spread across the forest that i killed jemima puddleduck i would never in my life do that shes my friend.

I went for a walk at sunset and saw a hedgehog doing the laundry she said"oh mr .tod please dont eat me " i told the hedgehog who was called mrs tiddlywinkle she healed my leg i thanked her so very much i set of home but the good thing is i made a friend.

Eventually we found out who ate jemima puddle-duck it was a nasty fox from another town the name of him was mr.jhonson the police cat said he'd be put in a prison for one month and would be let out on a warning.I asked benjamen bunny where he got his splendid hat from he made it from thin air i was more than amazed that a little rabbit could make such a good hat.

you see im not evil im just in need of a friend thats all.