Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School



Billy Goat Gruff

Hi, I'm Joss I'm a goat. I live with my mom and dad(He likes pizza)We are very poor, and can't afford food so we eat grass! Grass tastes horrible, but we don't care. The only drinks we have are goat milk and water. Let me tell you a story, it is the real story, of Billy Goat Gruth! I was drinking from a river and a troll jumped out off the river and said '' You can cross if you eat Callom''

''Ok'' I tolled him and went. I was pertending to eat him ,so he let me past. I pick as much grass but he wouldent let me past,because he had hayfever so I called MOM, and chaned him up and chucked him in the river and he drifted away. so we all lived happy ever after well most of us! Will he come back?