Far Forest Lea MemorialCE Primary School




Many years ago, in a deep dark forest, behind a little wooden door built into a very little tree, lived a friendly, beautiful little girl called Chloe. She lived with her father Albert and her pet Rat Ratty. As you know they live in a very little tree, inside it was just like an ordinary house. They have lived there for around about twelve years now. No one ever, nor had ever, and probably will never come to see them at their house, although the trees and birds sang lovely songs together whilst the trees all swayed together. They were very poor they could only afford water so they picked berries off bushes all different colours , shapes and sizes.


Later that day, Chloe was at home feeding Ratty some mouldy old cheese because they couldn't afford to buy fresh cheese. When there was a knock on the door. Chloe opened the door and on the doorstep was an old lady in a dirty, black ruffed up cloak.


"Hello," said Chloe.

"Is there anything wrong" asked the old woman.

"No it's just I have never had visitors before," said Chloe excitedly.

"I was just wondering if I could buy that necklace on your neck for two hundred and fifty pounds," mumbled the lady.

"No your so ugly," and Chloe shut the door on her.


Then the old lady, who was actually as wicked as a blood sucking vampire, went to her awfully wicked house. When she was at her massive black cauldron she got some ingredients to make a new costume. This time she made an ugly woman's pirate costume to go to Chloe's house with, so when she got her costume on she went to Chloe's house.


When the witch got to the door she knocked two times on the door. Chloe was just at home using some charcoal to do a colouring . After she had finished her colouring someone knocked on the door so Chloe opened the door to a lady in an ugly pirate suit." Hello what is your name"

" My name is Tracey" chuckled the witch.

" Do you need anything from me" offered Chloe.

" I am just here to ask if I could buy that necklace of yours for five hundred pounds," she said nervously.

" No you smell so much," said Chloe whilst holding her nose , then she shut the door right on her.


The witch went home but now she had no ingredients to make a new costume so she went to the shop to buy a new costume. This time she bought a creepy, a very creepy, pumpkin costume and went back to Chloe's house again.


Chloe was just playing catch with her daddy when there was a knock on the door. Chloe opened the door and there was an old lady in a pumpkin suit. Chloe said" You look familiar

" Do I" said the lady mysteriously but before Chloe could shut the door the witch quickly took off her creepy pumpkin costume and took Chloe, Albert and Ratty, then put them in the rusty old bag.


On their way to wherever they were going Chloe happened to find a big juicy piece of raw meat in the bag she was in. Chloe told Ratty to scratch a big hole in the bag so they could escape and Ratty did so. When they had escaped, Chloe left the meat in the bag to replace them. They got home in two hours and forty five minutes.


When the witch found out they had escaped, she was so mad she screamed so loudly that she lost her voice forever and they all lived happily ever after. Except the witch, she couldn't talk.